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How to Earn from my website:

If any one doing any thing on internet is to learn or to earn, so how to earn from website :

Here we will explain each and every step from domain selection to website promotion.

When any selecting domain name, the domain name is similar to your keywords or your Business name, it is very important.

After selection of Domain name availability, Selecting Hosting providers also very important, without proper tools we cannot control our domain and as well as reflection of updates in www.

After selection of hosting provider , we have to do SEO , now days so many website creating day by day, so for one name so many website are there, for filtering purpose we have to do SEO. Now SEO is on-page , off-page, on-page : all SEO tips implementation, on page only, off-page or Back links , off-page tips are implementation on others page , it is also known as back links.

Content is the final decision for any searching machine, because content gives information to the visitors, so content is always unique, don’t copy from any website.

After completion of proper SEO, Next step is Promotion, now a days so many ways to promote our websites Using google, face book, instagram,linkedin…, so many social media website are there, Some social media website providing free ads like google local business.

Promotion is the crucial part in the website design, we have to select good promotion channels , for promotion there is no end , it is continuous process we have observe our competitor, every day we have to do promotion.

After promotion, first we have to find out how much traffic is coming every day,

Find out location of visitors, age, sex, what they are doing on site these all activities are using Google analytics. Google ad sense will give ads on our site, if traffic is good and good content on our website.

Here how to earn from website is , it is more dependent on website traffic, if traffic is really good , automatically, people will know and ask for ad space our on web site.

Digitalmarketing4u give you guidance how to earn from your website as well as steps involved in Before earning.

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